Fayette County Board of Supervisors
Meeting Agenda

Tentative Agenda for 9:00 AM Meeting, Monday, October 14, 2019

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Approve Agenda.
  3. Read and approve the minutes from the Monday, October
    7h, 2019 meeting.
  4. Approval of Claims.
  5. 9:15 A.M. Approve Request by David Bushaw to use the
    Courtroom and Assembly Room for the Democratic
    Caucus on Feb. 3, 2020.
  6. 9:30 A.M. Meet with Staci Schroeder to approve a Drug
    Free Proclamation.
  7. Secondary Roads update.
  1. Consider entering into closed Session Under Iowa
    Code: 21.5. 1. J. - To discuss the purchase or sale of
    particular real estate only where premature
    disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase
    the price the governmental body would have to pay
    for that property or reduce the price the
    governmental body would receive for that property.
  2. Consider approval of a motion to establish a Level B
    Road described as: 210th Street, (formerly known as
    Spencer and Conkey Road as established per road
    record in Book A, Page 221): That portion of 210TH
    Street located in Sections 21 & 28-T94N-R8W lying
    between the Easterly & Northerly Right-of-Way Lines
    of Iowa Highway 56 and the West Line of vacated
    Spencer and Conkey road per vacation record
    #1069, on file in the Fayette County Engineer’s office.
  1. Share updates from committees.
  2. Weekly updates from various County Departments.
  3. 11:30 A.M. Ribbon Cutting for Acorn Road Bridge and
    W51 Asphalt Project.
The new agenda is usually posted on Friday morning.

Please be aware that Board Meetings may be recorded.
2019 Meetings
Per Supervisor Chair:
As a courtesy to those appearing before the Board, please silence your cell phone and
other electronic devices during the Board meeting.  If you need to take a call unrelated to the
board’s agenda, please step outside the board meeting room to do so.  Thank you.