A seven acre area located four miles north of Fayette on State Highway 150 or Lincoln Road, then one mile west on county road C14 or 190 Street,
and then turn left onto Lane Road.  This area features a live animal and raptor exhibit, housing Iowa mammals and birds of prey, including a bald
eagle.  The nature center contains a variety of displays and an extensive collection of mounted native animals and birds.  A staff naturalist is on
hand to welcome visitors and field questions.  Wildwood Nature Center is also the main office of the Fayette County Conservation Board, the
location of the County Parks Program, and the Roadside Management Program.  Public restroom's and drinking water are available at this location

2. TWIN BRIDGES PARK - 13112 "O" Ave and 14650 130 Street
Consisting of seventeen and one-half acres, the park is located on paved county road W 25, or Neon Road, three miles north of Maynard at the
confluence of the south and west branches of the Volga River.  The stream is shallow with bed rock bottom, ideal for fishing.  This area also
contains a shelter house, play ground, a primitive camping area, and pit toilets.

The Gilbertson Conservation Education Area is a 565 acre park located along the banks of the Turkey River on the East Side of Elgin.  This
beautiful area is lined with streams and bottom lands surrounded by the palisade limestone bluffs for which Northeast Iowa is so famous.  The late
Millard Gilbertson of Elgin donated the original three hundred and twenty-seven area to the Fayette County Conservation Board in 1986.
This unique area offers something for everyone with a canoe access, paved 1/4 mile trail that is wheelchair accessible, a playground, a shelter
house, a modern campground with dump station, sinks, showers, flush toilets, 28 electrical hook up sites, and 8 primitive camping sites.  There are
over 5 miles of trails for hikers, non-motorized bikes, horseback riders, and in the wintertime--cross-country skiing.   Visitors can hunt, fish, or enjoy
bird watching.
There is a petting zoo open to the public from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, Wednesdays - Sunday, 11 AM - 7 PM,  or by appointment May
1 to Labor Day.  There is also the Gilbertson Nature Center featuring interpretive and educational displays about Northeast Iowa, the Mavis and
Conner Dummermuth Historical Building containing farm and home antiques and memorabilia, and the Hart Dummermuth Historical Home, depicting
a farm home from 1890 - 1920.  These buildings are open to the public from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, Wednesday - Sunday, 11 AM - 7
PM or by appointment.

and 9672 Echo Valley Road (Otter Creek Access)
Echo Valley is a one hundred-acre natural area, which was built by the Civilian Conservation corps in the 1930’s.  The park contains many hand-
built historical structures such as a dam, keystone archway, lime kiln, and shelter house.  The Dick Jensen Trail and other hiking trails lead through
this historical park.  The area is located two miles east of West Union on Echo Valley Road, or go north of West Union on State Highway No. 56, or
Filmore Road, turn onto Imperial Road, and then left onto Echo Valley Road.  Drive until you come to the park entrance.  The park also provides
visitors with picnicking areas, primitive camping, bird watching, and trout fishing in two separate streams.
Glovers Creek Fishing and Wildlife Area is a 187 acre parcel of land  located right next to Echo Valley State Park  (accessible though the Glover’s
Creek side of Echo Valley).  The Glovers Creek Fishing and Wildlife Area is open for public fishing and hunting, except when the road is impassable
due to weather conditions.

5. GOEKEN PARK - 28191 Lincoln Road/Highway 150
The park is located five miles north of West Union on U.S. Highway 150, or Lincoln Road.  It is a roadside park on six and one-half acres of highway
right-of-way.  The attractable feature of the park is the beautiful panoramic view of many miles of the Turkey River Valley.  Four towns, in addition to
the picturesque view of the village of Eldorado, can be seen from this point.  It is said the most photographed view in Iowa.  This area contains one
electrical hook up camping area and many non-electrical hook up camping areas.  The park also has two shelter houses, a playground, pit toilets
and water.

6. GOULDSBURG PARK - 18649 Sunset Road
This park is located five miles north of Hawkeye on County Road W14, or Rose Road, or three miles north of the intersection of U.S. Highway 18, or  
230 Street, and county road W14, or Rose Road.  Turn onto Sunset Road and follow it until you come to the park on your left hand side.  The park
consists of sixty-four acres at the confluence of the Little Turkey River and Crane Creek.  These streams provide good fishing, tubing, and
canoing.  The topography is rolling to hilly with desirable picnicking places and a modern campground with a dump station, showers, flush toilets
and 26 electrical hook up sites.  The park also contains pit toilets, primitive camp sites, a playground, shelter house, hiking trails, and bird watching.

7. THELMAN WILDLIFE AREA - County Road Access on V-68/W Ave and V Ave
This three hundred acre public hunting area features native grass plantings, a wetland, timber, and crop ground for wildlife to grow and prosper.  
Located just off State Highway 18, or 230 Street, on State Road 193, or W Ave.

8. DUTTON’S CAVE PARK - 25218 Ironwood Road (Camp Ground Access) and 9082 25th Street (Shelter House Access)
The park is located two and one-half miles northeast of West Union on U.S. Highway 18, or Harding Road, and one-half mile north on Ironwood
Road.  It contains forty-six acres and has a heavily timbered, deep ravine ending in a fifty foot vertical limestone wall directly above the cave
opening.  The cave was discovered in 1848 by Lorenzo Dutton and was explored for several hundred feet.  The explorable portion of the cave has
been reduced over the years due to the siltation of the cave floor.  The park also contains two electrical hook up camping sites and several  non-
electrical hook up sites, a shelter house, a hiking trail, water, and pit toilets.  The park is also a wonderful place to view spring wildflowers and to bird

9. DOWNING PARK - 23008 78th Street
The park is located two miles north of State Highway 3, or 60th Street.  Then turn onto on county road V68, or W Avenue.  It is a quiet picnic area
consisting of forty acres of approximately 80% virgin bur oak timber.  The park also offers a shelter house, playground, and pit toilets.  This is
another great birdwatching park.

10. VALLEY CANOE ACCESS - 3306 Diamond Road
This three acre access features not only access to the Turkey River but also a beautiful native plant area.  The access is located between Clermont
and Elgin-- turn off county road W51, or Canoe Road, onto Diamond Road.  The access is on the right hand side.
Main Office:
Wildwood Nature Center
18673 Lane Road
Fayette, Iowa 52142

Environmental Educational Program Headquarters:


Rod Marlatt, Executive Director
Nick Hatlan, Park Ranger
Dustin Schott, Park Ranger
Isaac Sedlmayr - Gilbertson Conservation Education Area
Leaf White - Gilbertson Conservation Education Area
Dawn L. Amundson, Environmental Education Coordinator
Sue Lueder, Office Manager/Naturalist
Blake Gamm,  Roadside Vegetation Manager
Jon Saboe, Assistant Roadside Vegetation Manager
Dan Harrington, Assistant Roadside Vegetation Manager

Board Members:
Donald Bunn, Maynard
Ben Jensen, West Union
Ken McDonough, DVM, Oelwein
Eric Boehm, Wadena

Jed Siebrecht, Clermont
Fayette County Conservation Board
Gilbertson Nature Center
22580 A Ave
Elgin, Iowa 52141

    The Fayette County Conservation Board Program is divided into four separate but related areas: a county
    park system, an environmental education program, a wildlife management program, and a roadside
    management program. The parks system involves the maintenance, management and development of
    seven parks, river access's, and wildlife area's.  These area's provide facilities for outdoor recreation for
    the residents of Fayette County and others from all over. Wildwood Nature Center and Gilbertson Nature
    Center serve as the headquarters for our educational program.  Through school programs, general public
    programs, and other programs with youth and civic groups, the county naturalists hope to educated the
    citizens of Fayette County about their natural world around them.  For more information about the
    Environmental Education Program contact the Gilbertson Nature Center.

    Restoring wildlife habitat is the focus of our  wildlife management program.  Much of our works occurs on
    private land with the cooperation of local landowners.  

    All 1,135 miles of secondary road ditches are under the management of our Roadside program.  This
    program is responsible for the  of noxious weeds, reestablishment of native prairie species where possible
    and the removal of brush where needed.

    The Fayette County Conservation Board invites all questions and comments and urges everyone to visit
    our facilities or attend a board meeting.  The Conservation Board meets the second Tuesday of each
    month at 7:00 PM at the Wildwood Nature Center.
Map of Fayette County Conservation Board Recreational Area's
Gilbertson Campground Bathhouse
Gilbertson Nature Center
Echo Valley Shelter House
EVENT Trail, formally the Jensen Trail
Goeken Park - Overlook View
Dutton's Cave Opening
2019 Camping Season Fee's

Gilbertson Conservation
Education Area
Gouldsburg Park
$15.00/night with electricity
$10.00/night without electricity
$10.00/night Equestrian Camping
at Gilbertson Only

Duttons's Cave Park
Twin Bridges Park

Goeken Park

0.00/night with electricity
$5.00/night without electricity

Echo Valley State Park