Motor Vehicles
Fayette County Treasurer
Kyle Jacobsen
114 North Vine Street
PO Box 273
West Union, Iowa 52175
Motor Vehicle
Department Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Contact Information

Phone (563) 422-3798
Fax (563) 422-3855
When PURCHASING a vehicle, the title must be transferred into your name within
30 days of the date of sale shown on the title. A Bill of Sale - a statement signed
by the seller, which identifies the vehicle (year, make, VIN) and includes the
purchase price and date of sale - may be required before titling the vehicle.
When moving into the state, you must obtain an Iowa title and registration within
30 days of establishing residency, even though your out of state registration may
not be expiring.

When SELLING a vehicle, remove the license plates before the buyer takes the
vehicle.  If you do not plan to replace the vehicle within 30 days, return the plates
to the Treasurer's Office for cancellation.
For More Information
on vehicle titles and registrations visit the
Iowa Department of Transportation website.
The State of Iowa offers many speciality license plates in addition to the standard
Click here for information regarding all the different plate types available.
Motor Vehicle Titles and Registrations are Issued by the
County Treasurer' Office.