Fayette County Board of Supervisors

April 2017 - From the Chairman:

The Board of Supervisors have been asked by a group of concerned citizens to
pass an ordinance to allow for Off-Road Utility Vehicles (ORV) to be driven on
the county roads. These vehicles are not considered All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
as there is a difference. What is the difference between the ATV’s and ORV’s?
An ATV, according to the Iowa Code, is a motorized flotation-tire vehicle with not
less than three and not more than six low-pressure tires that is limited in engine
displacement to less than one thousand cubic centimeters and has a dry weight
of less than one thousand pounds and the operator straddles the motor. The
ORV, according to the proposed Fayette County Ordinance, is a motorized
flotation-tire vehicle with not less than four and not more than eight low-
pressure tires that is limited in engine displacement to less than 1,500 cubic
centimeters and not more than 1,900 pounds in dry weight with a bucket/bench
seat, in which the operator does not straddle the motor and is designed to carry
two or more persons.   Chapter 321I in the Iowa Code addresses the use of ATV’
s in the State.  However, ORV’s are not addresses in the Iowa Code as to their
use on the roads. Therein lays the problem. The individuals that want to use the
ORV want to be legal and able to ride on the roads as the ATV’s do. However,
as of now the State Legislature have done some discussion concerning this
issue and recently made it legal to cross State roads to get to a County gravel
road, so there is some progress in the right direction according to the ORV
users. Many Counties have passed ordinances that govern the use of ORV’s on
their roads. Each County has a different set of rules/regulations that addresses
the use of ORV’s on their roads.  By each County addressing the use of ORV
on their county roads there is going to be 99 different ordinances governing
their use in the State. There could/will also be different ordinances for the towns
within those Counties as the County has no jurisdiction over what the town
passes for ordinances concerning the ORV’s, so for those who enjoy riding the
ORV they would need to know the many different ordinances until there is one
Code that covers the entire State.  The ordinance that is proposed for Fayette
County will be printed in the Official Newspapers of Fayette County, the Elgin
Echo, Fayette County Union and the Oelwein Daily Register. The first Public
Hearing is scheduled to be held on April 24, 2017 at 11:00am.  

You may contact me at:  

On a personal note: There is going to be a lot of activity at the Courthouse
these next couple of months as the window replacement project has started, the
geothermal installation will be starting soon and some painting also will be taking
place. I am asking you, the public and employees alike, to be patient with all of
these activities as the end result will all be worth it.  Thanks.  
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