Fayette County Board of Supervisors

December 2017 - From the Chairman:

With winter just around the corner and the very real chance of snow starting to
fall any day. I thought I would let you know that the County has some roads that
will be very low priority roads to plow this year. As in the past years, these roads
are listed on the maps as “No Snow Removal Routes” and “Level B Roads”.  
These are roads that have no one living on them and the decision was made to
not spend time and money plowing them every time the plows go out. Having
said that, it doesn't mean that the roads will never be plowed during the winter,
just that they are the last to be plowed, often days after the main roads have
been opened. In the event of a truly bad winter, they will remain closed.
Additionally, by not getting bogged down removing snow on these routes we are
able to focus our efforts on higher priority roads.

Hard surface roads will always be a high priority, gravel roads will be next to be
plowed, and so on. It takes time and man hours to clear all the snow after a
snow fall, blizzards are even worse, so please be understanding of the workers
and equipment.  

We are creatures of habit, so, this will take some work on the part of the citizens
to check the roads out and maybe keep a map of the roads in their vehicles.  
The map is available free of charge at the County Engineers Office or it may be
printed from the Fayette County web site at:
www.fayettecountyiowa.org  once
the page come up scroll down on the right-hand side and click on County Road
Closures, on the next page click on Road Classification Map 2016/2017. Please
share these routes with family members that use these gravel roads in their
daily travels so another route can be taken. All of these routes are signed with a
yellow diamond shaped sign that warns travelers the road is a minimum
maintenance Level B or a No Snow Removal road.  

Also, if your mailbox is removed from its post by a snowplow please contact the
County Engineers Office as there is a policy for the replacement of them. Their
phone number is 563-422-3552.

When you are clearing your driveway after a snowfall/blizzard please remember
to not push the snow across the road and leave windrows as this creates an
area that will cause drifting of the snow. Also, large snow piles at the edge of the
road are dangerous to travelers and can snap the shear pins on the snowplow
wings when snowplow drivers try to clear the shoulders. When one snowplow is
down, it takes longer to get everyone moving again as other plows need to
cover their routes.

If you have a medical issue or are expecting a baby this winter you will want to
make the County Engineers Office aware of this so provisions can be made to
help get you to the hospital or get medical personnel to you, if necessary. Iowa
snow storms, as you well know, can be very treacherous so please plan ahead.
Don’t put yourself and others in danger.

Thank you to the Fayette County Engineer, Joel Fantz for helping with this

You may contact me at:
jtellin@co.fayette.ia.us  or 563-422-3538

On a personal note: Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New
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