Fayette County Board of Supervisors

September 2018 - From the Chairman

Here is an update on the Fayette County Courthouse parking lot project.  There
will be handicapped accessible doors on the east side of the Courthouse now.
Before those who needed to use the handicapped doors, needed to travel
around to the west doors, as those were the only doors available to the
handicapped persons. There will be handicapped parking clearly marked, also.
The lighting will also be a great improvement as there are new LED lights placed
on the east side of the Courthouse.

I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding while this project
was going on. I know that it was an inconvenience to park around the
Courthouse on the City streets.  However, the Supervisors are very thankful to
the City of West Union for allowing the County to leave our vehicles parked on
the street for many months during this project.

These are the people/businesses that had a part in the parking lot project – Jon
Biederman-Fehr Graham, Wicks Construction-General Contractor, Mehmert
Tiling, Iowa Plains Signing, Inc., Culvers Lawn and Landscaping, River City
Paving, and Tiedt Nursery, Ltd. Thank you to everyone.  

At the Monday, September 10th meeting of the Fayette County Supervisors we
decided to have a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially open the parking lot.
The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is scheduled for September 24th at 8:30am on
the south entrance to the parking lot. You are all welcome to attend, after all we
did use your money to do this project.

On the east side of the Courthouse next to the street there is a garage that
houses vehicles used by the Assessor, Treasurer, County Social Services,
Engineer’s Office and the Courthouse Custodian’s lawn mower. The doors on
this garage are in bad condition as some are broken and off the tracks. These
are going to be replace hopefully by this winter and with this being done that
should finish up the outside projects for this year.

On a different subject: There have been some changes for the General Election
on November 6th concerning the polling places within the County. The change
is due mostly to the State saying that Fayette County has too many polling
places and we should look into consolidating some of the township and city
wards. There are 21 polling places within the County. On Monday, September
10th at the Fayette County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Auditor
presented us with the consolidation of the townships and city wards, which takes
the polling places to 14 in the County. There will be a news article in your local
newspapers on this consolidation so please watch for that as I truly don’t have
room in this article to include all the details.

You may contact me at:
jtellin@co.fayette.ia.us  or at the Supervisor’s Office

Just a quick note: with fall fast approaching there will be extra traffic on the
roads and the farm traffic move at a much slower pace than the traveling public
so please pay attention. That goes for both the rural and urban travelers. Use
your signals to let people know what you plan to do as no one can read your
mind. Please be safe whether you are harvesting or enjoying the colors of
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