Fayette County Board of Supervisors

October 2018 - From the Chairman

Each January the first meeting of the County Board of Supervisors is referred to
as the organizational meeting at which the Supervisors will make appointments
or reappointments to County Boards and Commissions. The Supervisors have a
binder “Board Book”, with the names of individuals who have filled out an
application form stating what Board or Commission they are interested in
serving on.  When an individual retires or resigns a seat on a Board or
Commission the Supervisors will turn to the Board Book in search of a person to
fill that vacancy. We strive to replace the opening with a person from the same
area as the person leaving, as that way we will continue to have representation
from all areas of the County and not just one area.

As of now, there is an opening on the Fayette County Board of Adjustment.
Ideally, we would like to fill the open space with someone from the Wadena
area. However, this opening has been advertised in the local newspapers and
as of yet no one has applied. There are
application forms on the County
website on the Supervisors page so please take a few moments and truly
consider applying for a Board or Commission. It may be some time until you are
called to serve however we do appreciate those who are currently serving and
those who have filled out an application form to serve. Thank you so very much.

With all the rain and snow that has fallen I thought it may be a great time to
address the winter weather and road conditions.  You may be one of the
individuals that have a medical condition that will require you to have
Emergency Services during the winter months, this would be a great time to
contact the County Engineers Office (563-422-3552) and file the nessacary
paperwork. If and when the need arises during the winter months the
Emergency Services, Secondary Roads and Law Enforcement can work
together to ensure your safe arrival at a medical facility. Having told you this, I
also ask that you don’t put your life and those of others at risk. Make smart
decisions when it comes to winter weather and road conditions. What looks
good as far as the winter weather in town may be a total blizzard in the rural
areas so if the trip isn’t nessacary please stay home.

Thank you to all the people who have said how nice the new parking lot looks
and are so happy that this project was done. Thank you, citizens, for the use of
your money to complete this project. If you haven’t seen the new parking lot in
person please take some time to check it out.

You may contact me at
jtellin@co.fayette.ia.us or phone number 563-422-3538

One more note: This has been a very trying fall for those of us in the ag
business. There will be some long days/nights harvesting the crops and I ask for
your patience with us. As I write this article the weather is suppose to be more
fall like and I know that everyone in the ag business will be going full bore to get
the crops to the bins and or to the grain handlers so let’s all not get upset if
there is some mud on the roads or you need to follow a slow-moving piece of
equipment. Those of us in the ag business know that this is our paycheck sitting
out there. Thanks for understanding.
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