Fayette County Board of Supervisors

May 2018 - From the Chairman

This is an update on the Fayette County Courthouse Parking Lot project. The
project is scheduled to begin on May 29 this year, weather permitting (sorry I
didn’t get this to you, sooner) and take several months to complete. With that
being said, the current parking lot will be closed for any and all access to the
Courthouse along with no entrance thru the east doors. Parking will be on the
streets that surround the Courthouse and the entrance will be thru the west
doors of the Courthouse. This will require you to walk for a slight distance.

There are many entities involved with this project, Fehr Graham - Project
Engineer, Wicks Construction – Contractor Project Manager. Subcontractors will
be Mehmert Tiling – underground (removal of current parking lot material) and
grading, Culvers Landscaping – installing the pavers, there will be a few pavers
placed to help with drainage, as the largest part of the parking lot will be
concrete, Tiedt – seeding and erosion control, River City – asphalt and Iowa
Plains Signing – traffic control.  

The current parking lot will be torn up and removed. The new parking lot will be
concrete with a curb and gutter placement. There will be some paver installed to
help with water discharge. Also, there will be specific places clearly marked for
handicapped parking as this had been an issue in the past. With the current
handicapped sign at the northeast corner of the courthouse many people
assumed that was the place to park when truly it pointed to the handicapped
parking on the north/northwest side of the courthouse. Also, there will be some
colored concrete that will mark the place for delivery vehicles to park while
making deliveries to the Courthouse. The EMA, Sheriff and others (nope, not
the Supervisors) will also have clearly marked parking areas. When the project
is finished there will be approximately 75 parking spaces. This will be a great
improvement compared to the mismatched parking, half paved and some gravel
spots (where the old jail was) that are used for parking now.

New lighting will also be installed to brighten up the east side of the courthouse
which now is not very brightly lit at night. Those that use the east doors for
evening /night meeting will certainly notice a huge difference.

The sidewalks that currently surround the Courthouse will also be improved.
When the West Union Main Street project was completed the west and south
sidewalks around the Courthouse were replaced with pavers however the north
and east sidewalks were not done so now they will be replaced with pavers to
match the west and south sidewalks. If you have used the north or east
sidewalks you know they are in need of immediate attention with broken
concrete and lack of drainage that forms puddles and ice slicks.

With all this, I am sure all of you are wondering – what is the cost of this project?
Well, the bid was accepted for $569,586.05 from Wicks of Decorah, with
approximately $120,000 coming from grant monies that weren’t used for
retentions structures.

You may contact me at:
jtellin@co.fayette.ia.us  or at the Supervisor’s Office
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